Angelica Perrini - Technical and Literary Translation
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Technical and Literary Translation
from English and Japanese into Italian

About me

My name is Angelica Perrini and I am a professional translator specializing in Localization, Marketing and Communication.

I help companies and independent customers localize English and Japanese communications and bring their products and services to the Italian market.

Accuracy, professionalism, and excellent writing skills are my trademarks and are guaranteed.

I am a highly committed professional, with an eye for detail and methodical, used to meet strict deadlines and only willing to deliver high-quality results.


To reach the Italian market with international products and services, you need to effectively communicate to your target customers in a way that is culturally adapted.

This is my specialty, including the following fields:

Software and Website Localization

GUI, Online Help, User’s Guides, Mobile Apps

Business and Marketing

Internal and External Corporate Documentation, Correspondence, Advertising Campaigns

Technology and Patents

Operator’s Manuals, Technical Sheets, Directives, Scripts for Audiovisuals

Publishing and Communication

Children’s Books, Christian-based Content and Inspirational Books, Nutrition, and Good Medical Practice

Official Documents

sworn translation at the local court, if required

A list of a few end clients that I have worked with:

Seagate Technology, Maxtor, Oracle, Iomega, CA Technologies, EMC (now Dell EMC), Migo Software, Sony VAIO, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Brother, H&M, The Online Bible.

A few authors who I have translated:

Charles H. Spurgeon, Henry M. Morris, Mario Marchiò, Rosemary Dewart, Connie and Alan Higley, Joyce Meyer.



Notice pursuant to article 13 of the Italian legislative decree n. 196 of 30 june 2003
I treat all information that is received by customers as strictly confidential and use the utmost care to keep it safe and store it securely.

I've read and accept the Privacy policy


Do you need to translate your website, book, or documents into Italian with accuracy and professionalism guaranteed?

Contact me to receive more info or a free quote.

I will be glad to help you!

Professionista di cui alla Legge n. 4 del 14 gennaio 2013,
pubblicata nella GU n. 22 del 23/01/2013
AITI Associated Member (N. 217032)

I Trav. via Ognissanti, 4
70010 Capurso (Ba)

P.IVA N. IT06542440729

Tel. +39 080 455 03 08
Cell. +39 320 76 52 856

Qualified Translator for the local Chamber of Commerce (#1037)


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